Knafe – Middle East Dessert Recipe

  Have you ever had knafe before? If not, you’re missing out on one of the Middle East’s most traditional desserts! Knafe (also spelled knafeh or kanafeh) is an authentic dessert in many countries throughout the region, including Lebanon, Egypt, and Jordan. It’s so popular that it often appears on the tables of families during Ramadan, the … Read more

Tonnarelli – What is it and How to Make it

  Welcome back guys, today we are here with a delightful pasta variety deeply rooted in Italian tradition! So get your mouths ready for a pleasurable journey. Tonnarelli, also called spaghetti tonnato and spaghetti alla puttanesca, is a delicious pasta dish with tuna sauce made of canned tuna, olive oil, anchovies, mayonnaise, capers and lots of … Read more

What is Arroz con Salchichas and How do you Make it

  If you love spicy food, then you’ll absolutely love this delicious rice dish! Arroz con Salchichas (rice with sausage) originated in Spain, but it has spread throughout Latin America and the Philippines and continues to gain popularity worldwide. This spicy dish pairs well with beer or sangria and makes an excellent addition to any party menu. … Read more

Yakuzen: The Traditional Japanese Medicine Cuisine

  What’s the best way to improve your physical and mental health? I believe the answer is simple: Eat well, sleep enough, and exercise regularly. When you follow these habits, you’ll find yourself waking up every morning with more energy and enthusiasm than you know what to do with. And if you take it one step … Read more

Sopa Fria – How to Make Cold Macaroni Salad

  Do you know that Sopa fria also called Cold soup or Macaroni salad can be made in several different ways and with varying levels of complexity. Though, it’s actually one of the easiest side dishes to prepare, so it’s perfect if you’re short on time but still want to make something special for your … Read more

Zacahuil – Mexican Tamales Recipe

  Here we are again folks with another nutritious dessert you definitely don’t want to miss. Zacahuil tamales, with their distinctive yellow-orange color and subtly sweet flavor, are one of the most well-known of the tamales. What’s more, they’re a great choice if you want to give your body some extra help in getting all of the … Read more

What are Garnachas and How to Make the Perfect Recipe

Welcome back foodies, we have returned once again with a recipe that will leave a lasting impression on your taste buds, read on and discover the recipe to make this latin American dish! Garnachas are an traditional dish that are similar to tacos, burritos and quesadillas and have been around for awhile. Garnachas are commonly eaten in … Read more

Spotted Dick Bread – Delicious English Treat

  Hello foodies, looking for something quick, delicious and easy to make? Spotted dick bread is a perfect match for that. Spotted dick bread is a traditional English pudding that’s both simple to make and delicious to eat. It’s made from bread dough that’s been colored with saffron and is usually served with clotted cream or butter and … Read more

Jugo de Arandano – Cranberry Juice Recipe

Here is another nutritious and delicious cocktail you should try out, and believe me, it will totally be worth the effort. Cranberry juice is known as Jugo de Arandano in English. In the form of juice, jugo de arandano allows you to enjoy all of the benefits of the cranberry fruit. People drink jugo de arandano … Read more

A Quick Pistachio Shot Recipe You Can Try

  One of my favorite ways to spice up a party is by mixing different cocktail flavors, and the pistachio shot is one of my favorites. While many cocktails are based on the delicious flavors of citrus fruit, this shot takes its flavor inspiration from a different ingredient – the deliciously nutty pistachio. I had … Read more